Biogas tests with Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) and Guatemala grass (Tripsacum laxum)

For several years, FACT Foundation has been working in the field of biogas production and use. Biogas is a highly relevant form of bioenergy for communities in developing countries: it is a relatively uncomplicated
technology that can be applied from very small (household) to very large (industrial) scales. The biogas can be used for the production of electrical or mechanical power, or for cooking or chilling. A wide range of feedstocks can be used, including agricultural residues and energy crops. In order to add to the existing knowledge on suitable biogas feedstocks, and to support its partners in developing countries with new knowledge, FACT has been commissioning tests with different types of biomass. It concerns tests on potential biogas yields, but also of the composition of materials.

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